Fast food; convenient, inadequate, it's fast.  Soul food; home cooked, satisfying, it's slow.  We want what we want and most often we want it now.  We prefer taking the short cut to avoid taking the route that guarantees a true satisfaction.  We even fill our lives with "preservatives" instead of natural nutrients, in hopes of feeling satisfied.  I am guilty of indulging in fast food, literally and figuratively, and the outcome is always the same; I am still hungry.  I am left feeling empty and looking to fill up on something good, but "good" takes time, patience and effort.  It is hard to wait and even harder to choose to wait, when there are so many options that are easier; I had grown tired of always feeling empty, but full of unhealthy choices.  So instead of selecting items from the combo meal menu, I decided to take time and be patient with the right people and opportunities.  I decided to fill my life with authentic goodness and although a home cooked meal may take longer, it is most certainly better food for the soul.