What’s the worst that could happen? Our lives are fast paced, complicated at times and we seem to always be on a mission to achieve our wildest dreams. But what happens when things don’t go according to our plan? Do we give up to defeat? Do we give in to fear? I have to admit, I have been guilty of both, but then I started recognizing a pattern. When my plans didn’t fall into place the way I thought they should, I would immediately become anxious and quickly try to strategize a new method of achieving that goal. But before I could even start my new plan of attack, an evolution of my original plan would take place and become something better than I could have made happen on my own. My daily “requests” to allow a power greater than myself to direct my steps, even when in unfamiliar territory, was being answered and always led to a higher level. The boundaries of how far I can go are constantly being re-mapped and I am able to move forward into life and the opportunities it offers with complete confidence. I am able to move forward certain that if I continue to follow my path, that what is intended for me will never miss me. I am able to move forward assured that what I thought I can do in my own power will be exponentially multiplied, when I allow that unending source of power to lead the way. I am able to move forward in peace knowing that throughout this journey, I will never be led astray.